Benefits and Features

4. Features for Teachers

Features for Teachers

All prospective Online Teachers having expertise in any subject are welcome here for free Development and Hosting of your excellent Online Tuition Class (Paid or Free for Students) with following all or few features:

  • Mobile / TAB Ready Lectures for (1) Theory Topics (2) Problems or Activities (3) Randomized Self-Tests. Downloadable for "Offline Use without Internet Access". 2 Lectures during each week, for each subject, with each lecture of 20 ± 5 minutes duration, during each semester of 16 weeks.
  • Question Bank Development. About 160 - 320 MCQs for each subject.
  • Discussion Forum Based Asynchronous Interaction with Students. About 2 Interactions, on each Sunday of each month for Teaching-Learning, for each subject, during each semester of 16 weeks.
  • Live Virtual Class based Synchronous Interaction with Students. About 1 Interactions during each month, for each subject, each of 30 minutes duration, during each semester of 16 weeks.
  • Full Report for each student about completion of each Learning Activity
  • Fully Randomized On Demand Online Test with Instant Result Declaration on each course. Maximum 5 attempts, each after minimum 1 week study gap.
  • Auto Generation of Online Certificate after successful completion
  • New Admissions during January or July of each year.
  • Teaching-Learning during 4 months from "February - May" or "August - November" of each year.
  • End Examinations during June or December of each Year